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South East Asian Trophy 2014 Bangkok



5-7 December, Imperial World Ice Skating, Samrong, Bangkok, Thailand.


Team Photo

Back Row from left to right:
Chew Kai Xiang, Julian Yee, Nicholas Tan, Rachel Leong, Aina Sorfina
Center Row from left to right:
Chew Sze Chyi, Aneeta Lingam
Front Row from Left to right:
Ooi Yu Xuan, Goh Kai Er, Evelyn Tan, Lyssha Tan, Nor Marcella Ayesha, Keyshia Thoo


Short Brief

There were a total number of 5 countries taking part in this inaugural meet which was sanctioned by Asian Skating Union and recognized by the respective countries with the intention of promoting this sport for the SEA Games. The 5 participating countries are Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

There were a total number of 87 skaters participating in this SEA Trophy and there were 17 different categories. ISAM was represented by the above mentioned 13 skaters.

Hence the total number of medals that were attained by ISAM skaters was 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Besides the fact that our skaters did Malaysia proud, we also had had two judges from Malaysia that was sitting on the panel of Judges for Figure Skating they were Ms. Jennifer Low Bee Baan and Ms. Annie Tan Siew Fong. Congratulations to all the skaters for their effort and achievements and the judges for their representations. 


ISAM was represented by:-

  1. Julian Yee Zhi Jie - Senior Men
  2. Chew Kai Xiang – Elite Junior Men
  3.  Aina Sorfina Mohd Aminudin – Elite Junior Ladies
  4. Rachel Leong Jia En – Elite Junior Ladies
  5. Nicholas Tan Zhi Ming – Basic Junior Men
  6. Chew Sze Chyi – Basic Junior Ladies
  7. Aneeta Lingam – Basic Junior Ladies
  8. Lyssha Tan – Basic Novice Girls
  9. Evelyn TanHui Jeen  – Basic Novice Girls
  10. Keyshia Thoo Yu Tian – Basic Pre-Novice Girls
  11. Nor Marcella Ayesha Ahmad Lokman – Basic Pre-Novice Girls
  12. Goh Kai Er – Basic Juvenile Girls
  13. Ooi Yu Xuan – Basic Juvenile Boys.



2014 SEA Trophy Protocol - Figure Skating

Senior Men
Julian Yee Zhi Jie
SP 56.63 (1/1)
FS101.05 (1/1)
Total 157.68 (1/1)
Elite Junior Men
Chew Kai Xiang
SP 45.82 (1/3)
FS 84.54 (1/3)
Total 130.36 (1/3)
Elite Junior Ladies
SP23.76 (2/2)
FS 39.48 (1/2)
Total 63.24 (1/2)
Elite Junior Ladies
SP 26.61(1/2)
FS 35.14 (2/2)
Total 61.75 (2/2)
Basic Junior Men
Nicholas Tan Zhi Ming         
SP 17.95(1/1)
FS 48.06 (1/1)
Total 66.01 (1/1)
Basic Junior Ladies
Chew Sze Chyi
SP 20.76 (1/4)
FS 39.95 (2/4)
Total 60.71 (2/4)
Basic Junior Ladies
SP 14.79 (3/4)
FS 33.67 (3/4)
Total 48.46 (3/4)
Basic Novice Girls
Evelyn Tan
FS 28.02 (3/6)
Lyssha Tan
FS 22.77 (5/6)
Basic Pre-Novice Girls
Keyshia Thoo Yu Tian
FS 13.61 (4/5)
Basic Pre-Novice Girls
Nor Marcella Ayesha
FS 13.80 (5/5)     
Basic Juvenile Girls
Goh Kai Er 
FS 20.80 (4/6)
Basic Juvenile Boys
Ooi Yu Xuan
FS 20.56 (1/1)


Organised by:

  • Figure & Speed Skating Association of Thailand
  • Singapore Ice Skating Association
  • Ice Skating Association of Malaysia
  • Philippine Skating Union
  • Persatuan Olahraga Sepatu Roda Seluruh Indonesia (PORSEROSI)


Reported by
Anushia N Siva Subramaniam (Team Leader) & Nichole Tan (Assistant Team Leader)




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